Which Color Curtains Go with Grey Walls? Comprehensive Guide

Which color Curtains go with grey walls

The trend of wall paint changes every year. Grey wall paint is trending worldwide these days. To enjoy the overall vibe of grey-colored walls, it is crucial to pair them with suitable curtains and other interior components. Choosing the ideal colored curtains with grey walls is the easiest and quickest way to improve the aesthetics of your place. 

Most people are stuck on which color curtains go with grey walls. If you are also one of them, there is nothing to worry about. We will provide some of the best curtain colors that perfectly match grey walls. So, let’s start exploring. 

Color Of Curtains To Match With Grey Walls 

After consulting with experienced interior experts and researching which color curtains go with grey walls. We have compiled 10 different colors that will transform the overall ambiance of your place. Have a look at them:

  • Black Color Curtains 

Black is a comprehensive color that perfectly contrasts with every color. But black curtains will be the ideal choice if your room walls are smoky grey. For the perfect look, you can use a black chair sofa cover. For a more luxurious feel, you can also use black furniture, such as a bed and dressing table. 

  • Patterns Neutral Color Curtain 

If your wall paint is light grey, you can use neutral-colored curtains. These curtains can be cream, beige, charcoal, taupe, white, or greige. 

Moreover, if the grey wall paint appears plain, you can use a neutral-colored curtain with attractive patterns, such as abstract or geometric. 

  • Warm Grey Accents 

There is nothing wrong with combining the light grey wall with dark and deep grey shades curtains. For more detailing, you can choose the blue or greenish undertone. This practice will provide cosy, relaxed, and fresh vibes. Besides all that, you can also select the yellows and burnt orange colors as an undertone. 

Experts say you must use brass and cedar hardware with dark grey curtains to improve its aesthetics. Keep these hardware tones in yellow or golden. 

  • Matching Grey Curtains 

You can use the same grey colors as the walls to create an expensive and royal feel in your room. Moreover, you can use velvet, textured or Eyelet curtains for the best match. Using colored furniture like navy blue customized sofas and beds will elevate the overall aesthetics. You can match the furniture upholstery and pillow texture with the curtains for a more toned look. 

  • Pink Color Curtains With Patterns 

Pink curtains look elegant with grey wall paint. For a more beautiful appearance, you can use pink curtains with beautiful patterns, such as floral, geometric, and abstract. The fabrics that look best in pink are curtains, canvas, polyester, etc. The shade of pink should not be too shocking and pale. Choose the pink shade in between these tones. 

  • White Color Curtains 

Using plain white color curtains makes your place look more relaxing and refreshing. This color curtain allows soft light to enter the place and perfectly matches the grey paint wall. 

The stone grey shade of the wall provides matchless contrast with the white curtains. 

  • Olive Green Curtains 

Choosing a green-shaded curtain with a grey wall is ideal. You can select pinch pleat curtains with green, mossy green, emerald green, or sage green shades for the perfect blend. These curtains will provide the best contrast and make your room look refreshing and cool. 

  • Dusty Blue Color 

You can also use dusty blue curtains with grey paint walls. These curtains will act as a background element in the room and prominently highlight the wall and other interior components. Furthermore, the muted blue color will provide a sophisticated interior in your bedroom.

  • Ombre Effect Curtains 

With the ombre effect curtains, you can add an accent colour to your place. You can achieve this effect by fading the curtain colors from dark to light. You can combine colors of your choice. The recommended colors for this concern are pink, yellow, beige, black, white, and blue. 

  • Textured Neutral Colors 

Last but not least, you can also pair the plain grey walls with the textured neutral curtains. These curtains will provide dimension to your room and make it more inviting and welcoming. 

Things To Consider While Buying Curtains For Grey Wall

Here are a few things you must consider before buying the curtains for a grey-wall room. Have a look at them:

  • Measure The Size Of the Window 

Always measure the size of your window precisely before purchasing any curtains for the grey-painted wall. The curtain’s length should be a few inches more than the window to cover the entire window. 

  • Maintenance 

Choose the curtains that allow machine washing. Additionally, buy curtains that are highly resistant to stains and do not trap dust. 

  • Budget 

Always pre-define the budget before buying the curtains for your room with the grey walls.

Final Words 

So that is all about which color curtains go with grey walls. You can choose the color curtains that are mentioned above. Moreover, always buy curtains from a reputable brand that lasts several years. If you are looking to buy customized curtains in Abu Dhabi then arabiccurtains.ae is the perfect place to buy.

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