Top 12 Modern Curtains 2024: Best Colors, Prints, and Fabrics

Curtains are not just window coverings. They are essential home decor, enhancing both the beauty and functionality of a space. Each year, curtain trends evolve, bringing new colors, prints, and fabrics to the forefront. And 2024 is no different, promising a fresh wave of appealing curtain trends.  

So, if you want to explore the modern home curtain trends in 2024, you are at the right place. In this blog, we have shortlisted the top 12 modern curtains for 2024, including the best colors, prints, and fabrics. Read the blog carefully to understand the modern home curtain design and replace your old window coverings with these trendy curtains. 

Trendy Colors For Modern Home Curtains 2024

Let’s start exploring the curtains trend by analyzing the colors that will get hype in 2024. If you plan to renovate your home, you should keep the interior according to these colors. 

Curtain Colors Trends

  • Emerald Green Curtains 

Emerald green is the curtain color that will be trendy in 2024. These curtains make your space look cooler and more welcoming. They also help improve concentration.  So, a green color scheme for office window curtains will be ideal. Especially, emerald green color of pinch pleat curtains offer timeless appeal and always look great, no matter the trend. Keep the wall colors neutral with the emerald green window coverings in 2024 for a more enhanced look. 

  • White Color Curtains 

The second modern curtain color in 2024 is white. These curtains are ideal for use in residential and commercial places. The best thing about installing white curtains is that they will make your place look brighter as they will reflect the maximum natural light.  Additionally, the white color in sheer curtains fabric provides a sense of spaciousness, so these curtains will make your room look bigger and more spacious. White curtains will perfectly contrast with any color scheme and style, whether traditional or modern. 

  • Deep Blues (Navy or Sapphire) 

The deep blue colors provide the most soothing, calming, and relaxing effect to any room. Using these curtains in your bedroom and resting areas will give you a sense of calmness so you can feel relaxed.  To beautify the interior, you can make a pair of navy blue curtains with sophisticated interior decor. Most interior designers recommend installing blue-toned curtains in congested rooms because this color will make the room feel more open and larger.  

  • Black And Grey Color Curtains

Last but not least, the trendy curtains are black and gray in tone. Both of these colors are neutral, so they will easily blend with any color scheme and interior style. These curtain colors are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, providing a soothing atmosphere. Additionally, these tone curtains will add depth to the lighter-colored furniture and walls to elevate the overall look of the room. 

4 Modern Curtains Prints 2024 

The prints and patterns of curtains also play an integral role in improving home decor. After researching for hours and consulting different experts, we have shortlisted some modern home curtain designs and prints. Let’s explore

Curtains Print

  1. Floral Print Curtains 

Floral prints will be the most trendy curtain prints in 2024. This is because they provide an unmatchable contrast with many decor themes, whether ancient or modern. With this print, you can enjoy the outdoor beauty inside your rooms.  Moreover, install these floral-printed curtains at your home in summer 2024 to get a more relaxing, cool, and calm ambiance. Additionally, these prints are available in bold and subtle prints. So, choose the one that matches your interior. 

  • Abstract Print Curtains 

Abstract prints are evergreen for window prints. Their trend never gets outdated. So, if you are bored with the same color and plain prints on your curtains, you can use abstract print curtains, which will be the most trendy in 2024.  These printed curtains are suitable for home use. You can also use them in your office or workplace to enhance your mood while working. 

  • Vintage Print Curtains 

Vintage prints for curtains will dominate the curtains industry in 2024. These prints are available in small and large designs, so the choice is yours. According to the experts, if you have a smaller window, then choosing a larger vintage print will be the most suitable option, and vice versa. The ideal places to use these window curtains are the living room, study room, and workspace to create a more cozy feel. 

  • Geometric Pattern Curtains 

The geometric pattern curtains will add a contemporary feel to any space where they have been installed. The primary benefit of this pattern is to create eye-catching focal points in the room. The geometric pattern curtains will contrast perfectly with solid wall and furniture colors. To personalize the interior, you can also customize your desired geometric shapes on your window curtains. 

Trendy Fabrics For Modern Home Curtains 2024

The fabric of the curtains, like the colors and prints, changes every year. Here are some of the trendy fabrics for the curtains in 2024. 

  • Linen Curtains 

Linen is the most widely used fabric for curtains. It allows maximum air circulation to keep your room fresh and airy. The all types of these lightweight curtains like motorized,wave, & pencil pleat curtains will provide a more spacious, rustic, and organic look. Though they are thin, they have a high knot density to make them durable. The fabric is 100% eco-friendly and comes from the flax plant. The linen curtains diffuse sunlight to provide a soft ambiance. 

  • Silk Curtains 

Silk will be the second most trendy option for modern curtains in 2024. Silk fabric will reflect light more efficiently, creating a more glamorous look for all types of curtains like wave, pinch pleat, & eyelet curtains. The good thing about this fabric is temperature regulation. So, with the help of silk curtains, you can keep your room cool in summer. Silk curtains will look great in your bedroom to get a luxurious touch. 

  • Wool Curtains 

Wool curtains are highly durable. This fabric is biodegradable and eco-friendly.  Furthermore, the wool curtains will reduce noise and provide a more quiet and peaceful vibe especially in blackout & motorized curtains texture. Besides all that, these curtains have a long life of approximately 10 to 12 years. 

  • Polyester Curtains 

They are an affordable alternative to natural fabrics. Due to their wrinkle resistance, they maintain a smooth appearance in rooms. Besides all that, all types of curtains like automated, wave curtains, & pinch pleated polyster drapery are machine washable and require minimal maintenance. 

Final Words 

That was the whole discussion about the top 12 modern curtains 2024, recommended by experts in interior design. No doubt, there are numerous other options available that will help you to make your home more welcoming and appealing. Do your side of the research and understand which color, style, and fabrics of the curtains will be ideal for your home or office interior and then consult with an expert to invest your money in the more valuable window covering. 

Besides all that, always buy curtains from the top-rated curtain store because they use high-quality materials and craftsmanship to manufacture their curtains without compromising quality. We hope now you have a clear idea of modern home curtain design in 2024. 

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