10 Best Curtain Colors for a Living Room

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Choosing the right curtain color for your living room can transform the look and feel of the space. The curtains frame the room and have a big impact on the overall aesthetic. Whether you want to make a bold statement or prefer a more neutral backdrop, your curtain color choice matters.

When selecting living room curtains, you’ll want to consider the existing decor and color palette. The goal is to pick a shade that complements your furnishings, artwork, furniture, and accessories. You’ll also want to factor in the room’s architecture, lighting, and intended purpose. A family room benefits from casual, durable fabrics, while a more formal living area may call for luxurious curtains.

This article will explore 10 best curtain colors for a living room in modern homes. You’ll find everything from versatile neutrals to eye-catching brights. We’ll discuss how to incorporate each shade and provide style inspiration. Read on to discover the perfect hue to dress your windows and make your living room look its best.

Top 10 Colors for Living Room Curtains

Best Neutral Curtain Colors

1. White 

Crisp and fresh, white window treatments instantly lighten up a room. The universal color works well with any style, from modern spaces to traditional homes. In dark rooms, white fabric helps reflect light and makes the area feel more spacious and airy. Ivory is another pale option when you want a warm alternative to bright white.

2. Tan and Beige 

For a natural, earthy feel, consider tan or beige curtains. These versatile neutrals blend with wood furniture and add coziness to spaces dominated by cool hues like gray or blue. Lighter shades keep rooms bright and open, while deeper camel tones feel rich and welcoming. Pair with accent pillows or throws in contrasting neutral colors for extra depth.

3. Gray 

Gray ranks among the most popular curtain colors and for a good reason. Ranging from nearly black charcoal to silvery dove tones, gray adds subtle interest without overpowering a room. In especially vibrant spaces with bold accent colors, gray acts as a quiet backdrop to let other features shine. For more color variation, look for gray curtains shot through with speckles of white or cream threads.

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Best Colorful Curtains

4. Navy Blue 

From nautical spaces to contemporary lofts, rich navy blue set a handsome tone. Deeper than many bright primary colors, navy feels lush and elegant. The dark color is also easy to decorate around, mixing well with other blues, grays, and pops of colors like red, yellow, and green. Use sheer curtains to keep a navy-accented room light.

5. Forest or Olive Green

For an earthy, relaxing ambiance, forest and olive green curtains are one of the best curtain colors for a living room. Both colors recall the shades of nature and feel rejuvenating. Olive skews yellow-toned, while forest green is deeper with a hint of blue. Use colored sheers behind neutral solids for extra dimension. These shades pair beautifully with pine and oak furniture.

6. Red 

Make a vibrant style statement with red window treatments. Perfect for modern spaces, red brings energy and excitement to neutral backdrops. Deeper hues like crimson and burgundy have a glamorous, elegant vibe. Because red is such an attention-grabbing color, balance it with plenty of white or black accents so the room doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

7. Yellow 

Cheerful sunny yellow curtains can instantly lift a room’s mood. The bright, joyful shade creates a happy, relaxed feel. Both lightweight curtains and heavier drapes work well in yellow tones. Pair with white wood furniture and accessories in navy, gray, or green for a classic, coastal look. Deeper golden yellow offers a slightly more subtle effect.

8. Purple 

Violet and lilac-toned curtains lend a playful pop of color. Blending red and blue for a punchy accent color, purple sets an imaginative mood. Light airy shades, like a hydrangea purple, keep things soft and feminine. Bolder eggplant and amethyst curtains make a daring style choice for modern spaces.

Best Patterned Curtains

9. Stripes 

From nautical to modern and retro, striped curtains never go out of style. Thick bold bands have a beachy feel, while thin stripes work well in city apartments and contemporary rooms. Black and white graphic stripes pair nicely with bright accent colors. Blue and white stripes hint at sailing style. Mix different scaled stripes for lots of movement and interest.

10. Check or Plaid 

For traditional living rooms or rustic spaces, check and plaid window treatments are a great choice. The classic patterns lend a cozy, timeless look. Large buffalo checks make a particularly bold statement. More refined gingham or smaller plaid prints offer some pattern without going overboard. Pair checked curtains with antique furnishings or rough-hewn wood accents.


Things to Consider When Choosing Curtain Colors for a Living Room

When picking out bright curtains for a living room, think of it like choosing a cool outfit for your room! It’s fun and can change how your room feels. Here are 5 simple tips to help you pick the best ones:


  1. Look at Your Walls: Check out the color of your walls. You want curtains that look good with them. If your walls are a light color, you can go for something bold or stick with soft colors for a calm feel.
  2. Think About the Sun: Consider how much sunlight you like in your living room. If you love lots of light, pick curtains in lighter shades. They let in more sunlight and make your space bright and airy.
  3. Room Vibes: What mood do you want in your living room? Cozy, energetic, or maybe peaceful? Bright and colorful curtains can add energy, while softer colors can make it more relaxing.
  4. Furniture Match-Up: Look at your furniture. Your curtains should be friends with your couch and chairs. They don’t have to match exactly, but they should get along well. For example, if your furniture is a solid color, you could choose curtains with a fun pattern.
  5. Seasons Change: Think about how the curtain color might feel during different times of the year. Light colors can be cool and refreshing in summer, while darker colors might feel cozy in the winter.


Finding the best curtain colors for a living room has a big impact on your home’s style and decor. When planning out your window treatments, carefully consider the room’s existing color scheme and furnishings. Then, select a shade or pattern that enhances the overall aesthetic. 

Neutral backdrops, like white, tan, or gray are always easy, versatile choices. Or opt for color with navy, olive, red, or purple curtains to make a splash. Classic stripes and checks also bring timeless patterns and texture. With the stylish curtains framed in your windows, your living room is sure to feel pulled-together, elegant, and uniquely you.

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