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Curtain tracks are an essential part of any window dressing. They allow you to easily open and close your curtains and provide a clean, uniform look. With so many types of curtain tracks available, it can be tricky to know which is best for your needs. In this article, we will look at 12 different types of curtain tracks and what makes each one unique. From simple pole tracks to automated motorized tracks, read on to learn about the world of curtain tracks.

Most Common 12 Types of Curtain Tracks

1-Pole Tracks

Pole tracks, also known as cafe curtain tracks, are the most basic curtain track design. They consist of a pole with rings or hooks attached to the top. Pole tracks work with pencil pleats or tab-top curtains that have holes or loops at the top.

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Pole tracks are an affordable and easy curtain solution. They don’t require any hardware mounting and are good for covering wide windows or as room dividers. However, they lack the sophistication of other track systems. The curtains will stack at either end of the pole rather than sliding smoothly along a rail.

2-Eyelet Tracks

Eyelet curtain rail track with eyelets lining the edges. The curtains feature corresponding eyelets so they can slide along the rail. This type of track creates a smooth, continuous look as the curtains glide neatly along.

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Eyelet tracks are relatively inexpensive and easy to install on walls or ceilings. They work best for Sheer curtains in lightweight fabrics like linen or voile. Heavier drapes can cause the system to sag over time.

3-Tab Top Tracks

Tab-top tracks are similar to eyelet tracks but are designed specifically for tab-top curtains. The tabs at the top of the curtains fit into openings along the track to keep the drapes in place while allowing them to slide back and forth.

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Tab top tracks provide a modern, streamlined look. They are sleek against any window. The tracks come in various styles and can be ceiling, wall, or pole-mounted. They also work well with a variety of curtain weights and fabrics.

4-Rod Tracks

Rod tracks feature a curved rod that runs through the top hem of rod pocket curtains. The rod slides into the track housing, which is fixed directly to the wall or ceiling.

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Rod tracks create a smooth opera house style of movement where the curtains hang in soft vertical folds. They provide an elegant option for wide windows in formal spaces. Tracks are available in a range of finishes, from simple white to elaborate wood valances.

5-Cord Draw Tracks

Cord draw curtain tracks have a looped nylon cord that feeds into the track housing. Pulling down on both cords simultaneously opens or closes the curtains along the track.

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Cord draw tracks offer an easy way of controlling curtains without fussing with individual drapes. They work especially well for wide curtains and allow one person to open and close the window treatment easily. Tracks come in straight or curved designs.

6-Bendable Tracks

As the name suggests, bendable tracks can be shaped into various formations. They make handling bay windows, corners, and other non-linear spaces a breeze.

Bendable Tracks for Curtains

Bendable tracks consist of flexible metal or plastic window curtain rails. Curtains usually have rings at the top that slide along the track. Some bendable tracks also accommodate tab-top curtains. The ability to curve the track freely adds lots of possibilities over ordinary straight tracks.

7-Motorized Tracks

Motorized curtain or Eletctric curtain tracks provide automated control of your curtains. They are one of the top-selling types of curtain tracks. At the touch of a button or remote, an electric motor opens and closes the drapes along the track.

Motorized Curtains Tracks

Motorized tracks take the work out of operating curtains. They can be linked to timers, home automation systems, or sunlight sensors for added convenience. While motorized systems cost more, they add luxury and sophistication to a room.

8-Recess Tracks

Recess curtain tracks contain a channel that lets the track sit flush with the ceiling. This conceals the mechanical parts of the track for a seamless look.

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Recess tracks lend a clean, integrated style to any space. When open, the curtains stack attractively inside the recessed pocket. Architects favor this hidden track option for its amazing functionality. Installation does require specific construction conditions.

9-Shade Tracks

Shade tracks allow you to hang roller shades or Roman blinds on a sliding system. Controls raise and lower the window shades, which glide smoothly along the track.

Shade tracks provide the light-blocking benefits of shades with the adjustable positioning of a curtain. Tracks can be molded into curves or bent into angles to accommodate unique windows. Automated systems are also available for ease of use.

10-Cubicle Tracks

Cubicle tracks are designed specifically for cubicle dividers in office spaces. The compact track spans the top of the divider wall with hanging curtains on a track to create privacy.

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Cubicle tracks maximize functionality in tight quarters with their small footprint. Workers can easily draw the curtains closed when privacy is needed. The low-profile track blends in against the top of the divider. Cubicle tracks represent an affordable way to delineate spaces.

11-Shower Curtain Tracks

Shower curtain tracks are installed above bathtubs to improve the functionality of a standalone tub shower. The water-resistant track safely allows shower curtains to slide open and closed.

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Bathroom shower tracks prevent billowing curtains from clinging during your shower. The smooth-gliding curtains also resist mold and mildew growth in damp conditions. Shower tracks work with regular and curved rods for a tidy, upscale look.

12-Outdoor Tracks

Outdoor curtain tracks withstand all kinds of weather to control outdoor curtains, screens, and awnings. Rust-resistant metals and materials prevent corrosion and breakdown.

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Exterior curtain tracks bring versatility to outdoor living spaces. They operate patio curtains, sunscreens, and retractable canopies to provide shade and protection. Outdoor tracks are hard-wearing and built to keep curtains moving smoothly for years.


Whether you need a basic pole track or a sophisticated motorized system, the variety of 12 different types of curtain tracks available means there’s a solution for every setting. Carefully consider the type of window , Window Curtains,  style, and your design priorities before deciding which track will work best. With so many options to accommodate every application, you’re sure to find the perfect track to make a statement and smoothly control your window dressings.