10 Different Types of Curtains You Should Know

Curtains are an important part of any home’s décor. They can transform the look and feel of a room, adding style, color, texture, and personality. With so many different types of curtains to choose from, it can be overwhelming to select the right ones for your home. Here are 10 of the most popular curtain styles to consider when dressing your windows.

Top 10 Types of Window Curtains

Hanging curtains in residential and commercial places has always been a trend. Today, we will discover the 10 different types of curtains you should know when thinking about upgrading your window decor. 

1. Rod Pocket Curtains

Rod pocket curtains, also sometimes called pole pocket curtains, are a classic and casual curtain style. These curtains have pockets sewn into the heading at the top of the fabric. A curtain rod slips through the pocket, allowing the curtains to glide smoothly along the rod.

Rod pocket curtains have a relaxed, informal look and are easy to hang. They work well for a variety of windows, from small kitchen windows to large living room picture windows. You’ll find rod pocket curtains in all types of fabrics from breezy linens and cottons to rich velvets and taffetas. 

Their universal appeal makes them one of the most common types of ready-made curtains on the market. Explore our gallery of house curtains design pictures to find inspiration for your next home makeover.

2. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are lightweight, gauzy curtains that filter light while letting you maintain some privacy. Sheers soften harsh sunlight and add a lightweight layer of elegance to windows. Popular sheer fabrics include voile, silk, muslin, and lace.

Sheer curtain panels are often hung alone or paired with a full drapery layer. For example, hang a solid-colored drape with an under layer of breezy white sheers. The sheer under layer creates an airy, romantic vibe. Sheers over blinds also maintain privacy at night when the blinds are open. Look for machine-washable sheers for easy care. If you want to buy custom sheer curtains then Arabic curtains is the best place to buy.

3. Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains are casual curtains styled after the curtains seen in sidewalk cafes. These short curtains hang from rods mounted directly below the window frame. The panels cover the bottom half of the window only.

This half-window coverage provides privacy while still letting in light. Cafe curtains work well in kitchens and bathrooms. They create an informal cottage-like look in any room. Cafe curtains come in cheerful colors and patterns that complement the bright mood of these community-style curtains. Their abbreviated length and playful styling make them a whimsical window treatment choice.

4. Tab Top Curtains

Tab top curtains get their name from the small fabric tabs sewn into the top back of the curtain. These tabs slide over the curtain rod for smooth hanging.

Tab top curtain box designs offer a casual, relaxed style resembling rod pocket curtains but with a more finished look. The tabs come in a contrasting color or a color that blends in. You can find tab-top curtain box designs in styles ranging from breezy cotton to velvets or lace. 

They work well in many rooms of the home, from kitchens to kids’ rooms. Tab tops combine the easy hanging of grommet curtains with the fullness of rod pocket curtains. This makes them a versatile curtain choice.

5. Back Tab Curtains

Similar to tab top curtains, back tab curtains also have small tabs sewn into the top back. But with back tab curtains, the tabs are hidden from view behind the front of the curtain. This gives the curtains a smooth, sleek look on the front.

Back tab curtains have the same casual elegance of rod pocket curtains but are a bit more polished looking. The concealed tabs allow the panels to hang straight and neatly while still maintaining a soft draped effect. Back tabs let you easily slide curtains on rods and work well with a variety of curtain designs and fabrics.

6. Tie-Top Curtains

Tie-top curtains are gathered at the top into ruched headers with ties or ribbons sewn in. Often, tie tops consist of two wide panels tied together at the center. The gathered top and lush fabric creates an opulent, luxurious look when drawn closed. Tie tops also form pretty cascades when opened.

Tie-tops curtains evoke an Old-World romantic feel and work beautifully in formal spaces and bedrooms. You’ll find them in heavier fabrics like taffeta, velvet, brocade, and damask. Their lavish look makes them ideal for accentuating ornate windows. Though tie tops require some tie-back hooks, their rich elegance makes them worth the small added effort.

7. Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains add a hint of sophistication and structure with their neat, tailored pleats. The top of pinch pleat curtains are pressed into narrow, uniform folds that are spaced along the length of the curtain heading.

When hung, these aligned pleats create a smooth, elegant look and allow the curtains to stack closely and evenly on either side of the window. Pinch pleat curtain panels work beautifully when making floor-to-ceiling window treatments. You can find pinch pleat curtains at Arabic Curtains in styles from casual to formal. 

8. Grommet Curtains

Grommet curtains have metal grommets or rings lining the top hem through which the curtain rod threads. This creates a clean, modern style. The grommets give the curtains weight so they hang straight and crisp. Grommet curtains have a contemporary, trendy look that complements both modern and eclectic home décors.

Since grommet curtains simply slide onto a curtain rod, they are easy to hang without sewing skills or special hardware. You’ll find grommet curtains in a range of fabrics from linen and burlap to faux silk. Their simple elegance makes them a popular curtain choice today. Modern home curtains design is all about blending style with functionality.

9. Tier Curtains

Tier curtains add drama and a soft romantic vibe with their cascading layered look. Each panel hangs at a successively lower level to form gentle ripples of fabric. The tiers filter light gracefully and add beautiful movement when stirred by a breeze. Find inspiration by searching for window curtain design images.

Though tier curtains require more fabric, their lavish look makes a stunning accent for living room or bedroom windows. You can opt for two or three curtain tiers. Pick a lightweight, delicately draping fabric like voile or lace. Draw the panels together at the center for a symmetric gathered effect, or offset them for an asymmetric style. Use modern curtain designs for your living room.

10. Shower Curtains

Though utilitarian, today’s shower curtains come in stylish designs that complement your bathroom decor. From whimsical prints to elegant fabrics like linen and hemp, shower curtains infuse personality into an often overlooked space.

Look for shower curtains with water-repellent finishes, rust-resistant metal grommets, and anti-mildew properties. Match your shower curtain to your bath mat, towels, and accessories for a pulled-together spa-like look. You can also layer a decorative sheer or café curtain over the shower curtain. This adds style seen from the rest of the bathroom while maintaining shower privacy.


These were 10 different types of curtains you should know by No.1 Curtains and Blinds provider to pick the right one for your room windows. The wide range of curtains available lets you customize your windows to match your personal style. Consider your room’s existing design and décor elements when selecting curtain styles. Measure carefully to determine the appropriate dimensions and fullness needed. With the right type of curtains like sheer, eyelet and blackout curtains, you can not only control light and privacy, but also make a unique design statement.

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