7 Ways To Hang Curtains In A Rental Apartment | Easy Guide

Hanging window curtains can transform the look and feel of a rental apartment. The right window treatments can make the space seem brighter, cozier, or more stylish. However, as a renter, you may be hesitant to make alterations that involve drilling into walls to mount curtain rods and brackets.

This guide provides seven renter-friendly ways to hang curtains in a rental without permanent changes or property damage. It covers effective no-alteration 7 ways to hang curtains in a rental apartment like tension rods and adhesive hooks. The guide aims to elevate your rental with all curtains like wave, eyelet, pinch pleat, pencil-pleat, and blackout curtains without headaches, fees, or security deposit deductions, how to fix curtain rod, allowing you to decorate windows for style or privacy.

7 Easy Ways To Hang Curtains In A Rental Apartment 

1. Install Tension Rods

Tension curtain rods, or spring rods, are an ideal quick fix for hanging curtains in a rental apartment. They fit snugly into a window frame by tension rather than screws. Installing them requires no tools, holes, or hardware.

These adjustable-width rods come in various sizes for standard windows or sliding glass doors. Extend the rods to apply light outward pressure into the sidewalls of the window enclosure. The tension keeps them firmly wedged in place top and bottom.

Tension rods are essential for hanging curtain panels from corner to corner, suitable for heavyweight fabrics or lighter sheer curtains. They can be easily removed and removed without leaving any trace. If window edges lack moldings, use titanium or enamel-coated rods with rubber end caps.

2. Use Adhesive Hooks

Another great rental-friendly trick is using heavy-duty adhesive hooks to hang curtains. Apply them in pairs evenly across the tops of windows to suspend standard drapery rods.

Search for removable picture-hanger-style hooks made of clear acrylic or white plastic. They stick on using foam tape or rubber cement pads but come off cleanly without ruining walls.

To install curtain rods, wipe the mounting area with rubbing alcohol and let it dry before applying adhesive hooks. Secure the bond for 30 seconds, then screw in eye screws. Hang curtain rods by resting each end atop the hooks for ease of adjustment. This method allows for smooth opening and closing of all drapes or blinds including blackout, roman, roller, wooden, vertical, and motorized blinds without causing any leftover holes or sticky residue.

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3. Buy Curtain Rod Shelves

Do not want to stick anything on walls in your rental, even temporarily? Buy curtain rod shelves specially designed to mount tension rods without requiring adhesive hooks. The shelves are long, slim ledges made of plastic, acrylic, or metal with lips or hooks on the outer edges to hold rods.

Double-sided tape is used to secure curtain rod shelves to window sills or moldings. Metal or plastic tension rods are then set onto the built-in rod holders. These shelves come off cleanly after use, leaving no nail holes or sticky spots. Flat picture hanging tape is used instead of super glue for temporary anchoring, keeping walls pristine for move-out.

4. Use Pre Tabbed Curtain Backings

Many sheer or lightweight curtain panels and scarves come with pre-sewn adhesive tabs or backings for easy sticking onto surfaces. Search for special curtain tape, Command Adhesive, or Velcro backings when shopping for window treatments you want to self-apply. Several companies manufacture drapery panels with pre-applied stick-on fasteners that eliminate hardware.

To hang pre-fixed drapes in rentals, wash hanging areas with rubbing alcohol and smooth surfaces. Apply an adhesion promoter and unroll panels evenly across windows. Apply hand pressure for 60 seconds per sticker area to create a strong bond. Tabbed curtain panels are quick DIY installations, but follow manufacturer removal recommendations to prevent wall damage.

5. Hang Extra Rod Under Existing Shelf 

An alternative method for hanging curtains without tools in a rental home is to install an additional rod suspended beneath existing wall shelves or ledges. Search for lightweight aluminum or steel traverse rods several inches shorter than shelf widths. Use adjustable rods with telescoping lengths to custom-fit different spaces.

To install curtains, locate anchoring points outside window areas and use removable 3M Command Strips or sawtooth picture hangers. Use a beneath-shelf technique for two parallel tracks and floating rods, which can be easily removed and reattached when moving.

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6. Consider Portable Curtain Poles

Love DIY home projects but dread mounting curtain rods and potential damage fees? No problem. There are now completely customizable curtain rods made to stand alone without any wall mounting! Search for adjustable floor-to-ceiling freestanding poles that use tension and two stacked base pieces for stability.

The setup involves stacking two base pieces, telescoping the pole piece to the desired curtain hanging level, inserting it into the collar, tightening the collar bolts, and sliding curtains or drapery panels onto the pole. Recessed ends prevent damage to walls, and caster wheels allow easy movement.

7. String Clip-Style Rings and Poles 

The last damage-free option on our no-tools rental curtain list is fashioning DIY hanging systems from adjustable shower curtain rings and tension rods. This hack costs under $10 total for materials and works nicely with grommet linen panels or brightly patterned sash fabrics.

Purchase nickel or brass clip curtain rings and a heavy-duty spring tension rod set. Prepare washable fabric panels by measuring and spacing clips, pressing pin anchors, compressing the tension rod, and inserting panels. Extend the rod ends to hold edges flush against glass. Avoid yanking panels too hard to prevent loose grommets. This quick no-tools dressing method ensures intact pieces upon removal.

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We have provided 7 ways to hang curtains in a rental apartment without permanently altering any items. Techniques include tension rods, adhesive hooks, back-tabbed panels, and more. To ensure adhesion, thoroughly clean all hanging areas and gently remove 3M strips or curtain backing tabs. These simple ideas allow you to customize windows without fear of move-out fees and create a homey look without compromising security deposits.